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  • Canon EF 11-24Canon EF 11-24Close

    Give a warm applause to Canon:

    Canon EF 11-24mm 4 L USM - NOW IN STOCK

  • B2 250 TTLB2 250 TTLClose

    Profotos new OCF (off-camera flash) now available:
    * With TTL and HSS (High Speed Sync)
    * 2 fully asymmetrical outlets
    * Built-in AirTTL

    Also in rent: new OCF accessories


    Welcome to our new homepage!

    New features:
    * interlinked categories
    * search engine listing results per category

  • F-SPOT 3000F-SPOT 3000Close

    Are you looking to use an Arri 4 kW lamphead as a portable flashlight? Then the F-Spot 3000 is just the tool for you!

  • AF-S NIKKOR 58 mm 1:1,4 GAF-S NIKKOR 58 mm 1:1,4 GClose

    Comeback of the legendary Noct:

    Available for rent now!

  • Canon launches the EOS 5DSCanon launches the EOS 5DSClose

    Most important facts:
    50.6 MP CMOS sensor with dual DIGIC 6 processor, takes up to 5 pictures per second, ISO 100 – 6.400, upgradeable to 50 – 12.800.

    We’ve already ordered the 5DS. Expected to be available to rent from June.

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